Personal Healing Retreats

Aloha Natural Family Medicine offers private and small group individualized health retreats on Kauai’s majestic North Shore. Holistic medical care combines with rejuvenating immersion in Nature.

Welcome to the opportunity to make your own unique, transformative journey to optimal health, in a paradise setting, with the guidance and support of an experienced holistic primary care doctor. This retreat is tailored specifically for you.

Your healing retreat begins with a comprehensive, detailed holistic health assessment with Dr. Donna Caplan. Using the diagnostic techniques of conventional western medicine, Chinese medicine, and kinesiology, Dr. Caplan creates a healing protocol fine-tuned to your specific needs and sensitivities. Together, you and Dr. Caplan design your personal whole health retreat. She is there, on the beautiful ocean-view campus of Aloha Family Natural Medicine, available to support and guide you throughout your experience. After your retreat, Dr. Caplan can follow up with you on the phone and work together with your doctors at home.

Your retreat will include a nutritional evaluation and protocol. Dr. Caplan performs a complete food sensitivity and allergy analysis, identifying which foods need to be eliminated as well as which are beneficial, and how often to eat each one. In this way, Dr. Caplan may create a specific, personalized 3-week clinical food sensitivity cleanse for you. Unlike other retreats, where everyone participates in the same pre-established cleanse, your healing cleanse is uniquely formulated to meet your exact, true health needs.

Your Personal Healing Retreat may include:

  • The initial comprehensive consultation and follow-up sessions with Dr. Caplan
  • A nutritional, homeopathic, or botanical supplement protocol tailored precisely to your specific needs
  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Quantum Energy Healing sessions
  • A food intolerance analysis and personalized cleanse
  • Meals prepared by an expert nutritional chef
  • Private cooking classes
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Time to enjoy Kauai


Located on the bluffs overlooking beautiful Ka’aka’aniu Beach, Aloha Family Natural Medicine offers two private bedrooms and camping on site for one to 4 people. Accommodations for larger groups are also available in the area.

For more information and to plan your personal healing retreat, please call 808.828.6153.

Tibetan Retreat

Tibetan Meditation Retreats

Aloha Family Natural Medicine hosts Tibetan Meditation Retreats with Drupon Rinchen Dorje Rinpoche and his translator, Ina Bieler. Dorje Rinpoche is the retreat master for His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche’s 3-Year retreatants and heads the Chicago Ratna Shri Center. Ina Bieler translates both for Dorje Rinpoche and for Garchen Rinpoche as they travel around the world.

Please call 808.828.6153 for information on our next Tibetan Meditation Retreat.

Tibetan Meditation Retreat