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Dr. Donna Caplan

Dr. Caplan is a licensed Naturopathic Physician who supports individuals of all ages in achieving the highest level of health, wellness, and peace of mind. She tailors a unique treatment plan to support the whole person.


Natural Family Health Care

Aloha Natural Family Medicine offers integrated, holistic health services for women, men, and children.



Naturopathic medicine is similar to conventional medicine; both types of physicians are trained to diagnose and treat disease. The goals of a naturopathic physician, however, are quite different. He or she wants each patient to not only be free from illness, but also to be headed in the direction of greater health and wellness.



“Before I had seen Donna Caplan, I had been seriously trying to find someone who could heal me for about 12 years or more. I went to some of the best western medicine doctors in the country and they all said I had to accept my conditions, that there was not much they could do. I had given up on western medicine at this point. Then I met Donna. She is amazing.”


Women’s Health Care

As a woman, Dr. Donna Caplan understands the importance of optimal health for women and their families. As a Primary Care Provider, Dr. Caplan supports women’s health with a full range of holistic services.


Children's Natural Health

Children’s Health Care

Kids need a healthy, active lifestyle and their health care should reflect it. Dr. Caplan knows a healthy child is a happy, active child. Dr. Caplan incorporates both conventional and naturopathic modalities and diagnostic techniques, providing full newborn, infant, pediatric and adolescent care.


Events at Our New Philadelphia Office

August 25th – How to Stay Healthy and Transform Disease Using Holistic Natural Medicine

New Wellness Provider at Studio 34, Dr. Donna Caplan, Licensed Naturopathic Physician of over 22 years, will be giving a talk about using holistic natural medicine and improving your health.

Topics will include:

1) How you can truly transform your health using holistic principles, natural medicines, and diet.

2) “Treat the root causes, not just the symptoms.”

The common health issues that underly and cause imbalances, fatigue, and chronic illnesses such as:
-malabsorption, digestive track issues, and inflammation;
-adrenal fatigue;
-liver imbalances and “toxic” overload.

3) “Treat the whole person, not the disease.”
-Beneficial treatments and natural remedies will be discussed.

4) Question and answer session: a time to ask Dr. Caplan your questions and more discussion.

Come celebrate the opening of her new office at Studio 34 and in Philadelphia!

Special “Meet and Greet” Evenings

Tuesday, August 29 and Wednesday, August 30 from 7 to 9 PM

“Meet and Greet” Dr. Donna Caplan, Licensed Naturopathic Physician of 22 years and new Wellness Provider at Studio 34.

This is a chance to come meet Dr. Caplan, ask questions, and celebrate the opening of her new office at Studio 34 and in Philadelphia!