Why choose Aloha Family Health Kauai?

Dr. Donna Caplan

Dr. Caplan is a licensed naturopathic physician who supports individuals of all ages in achieving the highest level of heath, wellness and peace of mind. With this view, she tailors treatment plans to support each individual, addressing underlying causes of disease and helping to restore the vital, healing energy inherent in all…


Natural Family Health Care

Educated in traditional western, natural medicine and Chinese Medicine, Dr. Caplan offers a truly well-rounded, holistic approach to family, individual, women’s and children’s naturopathic health.


Holistic Natural Therapy

Aloha Family Health Kauai relies on treating the whole person, not simply symptoms.  To achieve the highest level of health, Dr. Caplan treats each person comprehensively and uses a variety of holistic natural therapies.


What is Natural Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is similar to conventional medicine; both types of physicians are trained to diagnose and treat disease. However, the goal of a naturopathic doctor is quite different.  Naturopathic physicians want each patient to be free from illness, and also headed in the direction to achieve their optimal health and wellness.


Women’s Health Care

Hawaii is a vibrant, beautiful place to live.  As a woman, Dr. Donna Caplan understands the importance of optimal health for women and their families residing on Kauai.  As a Hawaii Primary Care Provider, Dr. Donna supports women’s health care needs.


Children's Natural Health

Children’s Health Care

Kids in Hawaii live a healthy, active lifestyle and their health care should reflect it. Dr. Caplan knows a healthy child is a happy, active child. Dr. Caplan incorporates both conventional and naturopathic modalities and diagnostic techniques, providing full newborn, infant, pediatric and adolescent care. 


Donna Caplan ND

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Dr. Donna Caplan is accepting new patients at both her private office near Kilauea and at the Natural Health Clinic in Lihue and is also available for phone consultations.

To schedule an appointment or for a phone consultation, please call 808-828-6153.


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